What's Your Buzz?

Finding and Creating the Right Talk about You and Your Business

"I will definitely be recommending this seminar to friends and family, as I think we can all take a lot away from the teachings."

Nichole Hill


Did you know that others are talking about you behind your back?

Maybe they heap praise; maybe they run your name through the mud, but all of it is seemingly out of your control. Think again!

In Steve's innovative book, What's Your Buzz? He will teach you how to create a positive narrative of your business and your life.

If your company culture needs help, let Steve help you change the buzz!

Sample Passage

People love to talk about each other; it’s human nature. And if you’re a small-business owner or salesperson trying to gain more business, your main drive should be getting people talking about you or your company. But how do you accomplish this? One Word: BUZZ

Buzz is the word of mouth about you or your company that’s out on the street, what people say about you to their friends and family or in reviews online. It is the thing that makes you SIZZLE and makes others want to spread the word about you.

Buzz is a noun—what you say about yourself when asked—and a verb—talking about yourself on the street.

What if I told you that you could control your buzz? Spin it from negative to positive? Or turn your non-existent buzz into the word that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue?

In a world where word of mouth sells more than any other type of marketing or advertising, you want the word in people’s mouths to be a referral for you or your company. Per the Promotion Marketing Association, 48 percent of people asked said word of mouth was their top influencer for making a buying decision versus 27 percent for advertising. As you can see, buzz influences a large number of your referrals. If you have good buzz, let’s face it—you probably wouldn’t be reading this. But if you have bad buzz or don’t even know what your buzz is, it can make or break your referral business.

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