The Tapes we Play in OUr Head

How to Have More Powerful Conversations with Yourself

"I will definitely be recommending this seminar to friends and family, as I think we can all take a lot away from the teachings."

Nichole Hill


Most of us have more negative than positive inner talks, but some people have learned to talk to themselves more positively than negatively. When you do, great things happen—stronger marriages, a better work environment, financial security, and more. For years, I have been studying why so many of us talk to ourselves in such a negative way. I wanted to write this book because I think this inner music can change your life.

Sample Passage


Casey, a friend of mine who works in state government, once told me, “My grandfather used to say that if a man takes care of his pennies, then the dimes will take care of themselves.”

If you play this tape in your head, you’ll see the difference between being challenged and being threatened. When challenged, you push through. When threatened, you must stay present in the moment. When things are swirling, stay in that moment and keep your shoulder to the wind. Make being positive a part of your process and be diligent about sticking to it every single day. In this manner, when adversity comes, you will endure.

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