Bass-Ackward Business

The Power of Helping Without Hustling

"I will definitely be recommending this seminar to friends and family, as I think we can all take a lot away from the teachings."

Nichole Hill


Do you hate cold calling? The answer is probably a resounding YES!

In Bass-Ackward Business, Steve will teach you a new strategy to get more clients that reinforces all the good that's within you, along with helping you grow your business and making your life more fun.

If your organization is stuck and your people aren't getting out there and making new connections, let Steve teach you how to get customers to call YOU!

Sample Passage

While most people focus on the bottom line as their main business driver, I focus on building relationships. While most people burn hours away cold calling, I spend time helping people find roofers or painters or a guy to hang a ceiling fan. While most people attend community functions to hand out as many business cards as they can, I attend them in order to strike up deep conversations with one person—trying to find out their passions (expertise) and personal needs (their pains).

After discussing this with my friends one guy said, “Man —Beech, your whole business model is bass-ackward! It really doesn’t make sense in the typical business world and yet it’s highly successful. I think you’re on to something.”

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