Once A Day

Often times as we look out on the horizon of where we want to go or who we want to be and forget about the opportunities right in front of us.

We want to be 1 million in sales, 10 stores, or millions of views on our web site.

We get so focused on this big picture that we forget you need to bunt and hit singles before you can hit a Grand Slam.

Say your focus is on 1 million in sales and you believe you need to send out 1000’s of mail pieces every month. If you do, the phone rings and a percentage of those calls turn into sales. But what you forgot is the lady at the dry cleaners. Yep,  she asked you one day what you do and you said I’m in insurance or I am a financial advisor. You blew her off.  Then one day your neighbor tells you that Kim down at the drycleaners sold out and moved to Florida. Seems she and her husband and kids owned 20 dry cleaners.


A local dad asks you to talk to his son about the business you are in. The kid thinks they might want to get into that business one day. So you agree. The whole meeting becomes about you and how great you are and how well you have done. You never asked him any questions and you sure didn’t offer to really help. Bam  20 years later he is your boss leading the company you work for. Somehow he never ask for your opinion or advice. He didn’t take you along on the ride.

Look for the opportunities every hour of your day. Each phone call and every appointment. If you are living your life purposefully you will have an opportunity to express it at least once a day.  Yep, you should be helping-coaching-discovering-exploring at least once a day with your Life Purpose. Once a day.

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